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   The team of 1904
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   The Field Cornella on El Prat "Sanctuary"
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To our Field Cornella - El Prat "Our sanctuary"

The new stadium dials the beginning of a new epoch for the Espanyolwho again has their own home than already is and will the espanyolista Fortin, the new field Cornella -Prat one of the best courses in Europe, and recently appointed as the best sports field 2010 World of the Year.

After twelve seasons at the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, the club moved to Estadio Cornella-El Prat. On August 2, 2009 the new stadium opened with a match against Liverpool FC with a result of 3-0 in favor of the parakeets. Luis Garcia Fernandez scored the first goal in this field followed later by two goals from Ben Sahar. He also scored a goal which was Raul Tamudo bad canceled after a game out of inexistente.29 30 31 With this opening, the club returned to home ownership after the demolition of the legendary Sarria Stadium. The new stadium has to be a turning point for the company both in sports and economically. However, the joy lasted very little to the fans españolistas since August 8 of that year took place one of the saddest events in the history of R. C. D. Spanish. Captain Daniel Jarque died at the age of 26 years in Coverciano, where the club gave a tour of Italy, a cardíaco.32 stop the club lost their captain and one of its symbols. Currently every 21 minutes (dorsal wearing) each party perica hobby pays homage clapping and singing his name. On September 10, 2009, the IFFHS published the ranking of the best European clubs of the twentieth century, occupying the C. D. R. Spanish number 98 position due to its holdings in European competitions.

We now have our own stadium, and we have finally left the Montjuic Stadiumwhich was a nightmare for all the Pericus, that we want to the Club of our loves, and our colors of forever. And this we owe it to the great President that we now have Mr. Daniel Sanchez, Thanks, DANI.
An Pericu Of heart.

Day 2 of August 2009, the'Inaguration the camp am a party and a party that will face the R.C.D.Espanyol 3 Liverpool F.C. 0, Three pictures in one:

It is building a novelty in an enclosure dedicated to Futbol, but it is so that the Pericos and nonpericos can enjoy the called Wind Tunnel,
something that they can feel a very amusing sensations, to be Floating in the air and pirouetting without touching the ground:

In the picture you can see who was President Dn.JOAN COLLET who has just delivered the Gold badge to the great player Dn. RAUL TAMUDO in his farewell as a player of R.C.D.ESPANYOL, leaving recors in his career as such:

On May 09, 2003 the first stone of our new stadium was placed CORNELLA PRAT, which opened on August 2, 2009, a magnificent field which is known as RCDE.ESTADIUM, a field one of the best courses in Europe, and named as the best sports field of the World of the Year 2010.

What you see in the picture is what later became what it is now, the magnificent RCDE.ESTADIUM field, a soccer field, one of the best courses in Europe:

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