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The UEFA team 2006 - 2007

Here has the the team that played almost the entire 2006-2007 from UEFA competiotion along with the others players in the squad the which do not appear in the photo but than are as important as of these for qualify for the finalby playing 15 matches and winning 12 and tying 3 without losing any, counting the final which is he lost on penalties but one feat that few Teams can say That is why we reached the final and we do not win, but neither missed the game in his 120 minute hard, we lost the blissful penalties, as the same that happened 19 years does against Leverkusen.

UEFA here I have just for the Espanyol

Here has fateful 68 minute on which the referee Sr,Bussaca was teaching his second yellow card and then the red the player Moises Hurtado Espanyol, and is where UEFA is I have just for Espanyol than was demonstrating that he deserved the Cup by merits of an entire team starting with Porter-Defense-the from the field Central and Forward. to the Sr,Bussaca will It was the hand with the first yellow card to Moises Hurtado Espanyol player since the play of the ball but the way was wet the field of could not stop and also played the Sevilla player, in my point of view was not motif card, put the bar high for Espanyol since Sevilla also made quite a card inputs I did not show, is not an excuse at having lost in the penalty shootout but if an pretty big reason to leave us with ten players for 52 minutes in an rough game played by both teams.

Three images of the match and one of the team, all in a single photograph: UEFA SUBCHAMPION 2006-2007:

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