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The Stadium Montjuic

Montjuic, R.C.D.Espanyol field of for 12 years Montjuic Olympic Stadium, designed by the architect, Pere Domenech i Roura, opened on 20th May 1929 and remodeled for the Barcelona Olympics 92 Was our house in which able to see as beautiful football like the than was done in sarria.


Montjuic: in this field they could see the magnificent plays with which they delighted us These three players who got the audience could see some plays of authentic luxury And they gained the nickname of the three SHARKS by its form of wanting to eat to the equipment Contrary until achieving its purpose the goal the essence of this sport called Futbol:

Montjuic: in this field you could see things like the CORO GOL at the last minute, which saved us from going down to the second split, when all the Pericos That we were in the field and we were in second devision:
Thank you CORO, for me you were my hero and you are still, it's a shame that the managers of that Time did not want to find out and sent you through the back door a truth injustice, but in the world of football pass and continue to pass these things, Because now football is no longer a sport, it is a pure business.

The last match in Montju´c, was played against Malaga, and great player Raul Tamudo made it like I used to with (hat-trick) because dismissal is remembered with joy leaving the nightmare that represent this field, but also with joy that the player badge Espanyol did for the great.

The first partit to Montju´c, is going to dispute the Day 07.07.1997 the player Francisco will be the captain in that Day d'premna del countryside, that Unfortunately will be a bad dream during 12 Years, sort that is going to finish 9 Years ago:

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