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The farewell letter from Dn, JORDI ARTIGAS:

The farewell letter of l'avi few days before the fatal outcome:
On March 14, 2016
And the letter published on February 21, 2016, 3:20 pm, just like on Facebook:

One of the Feminine teams with Mr. JORDI ARTIGAS on the right

A team of the women's R.C.D.Espanyol in its beginnings, with Mr. Jordi Artigas on the right of the photograph: The AVI was one of the driving forces to create the Women's Soccer Team of R.C.D.Espanyol more than 40 years ago, Jordi Artiga was one of the founders of the RCD Espanyol for women. Along with other names such as those of Luis Oliva, Pedro Escudero, Francisco Oliva, Francisco Camúñez, Julián Arcas and Miguel Bieto, among others, they carried out that milestone at the beginning of the 70s of the last century, in a social context where sports practice On the part of the women it was unfortunately still a rarity. Then, a group of enthusiasts, thanks to an initiative of the House Pernod and the program Radio Clock of Radio Spain of Barcelona, ??that issued a call destined to find a series of rivals that could dispute along with the already existent equipment of the FC Barcelona a charity trophy, decided to take this step to create a team that over the years, became a national reference. Under the shelter of the GPE Manigua, that project was built -the president of the section was the one of this historic peña, and Artigas was appointed one of the board members-, developing a self-sacrificing work at a mainly administrative level:

The Pioneers of Women's Soccer of the R.C.D.ESPANYOL

The Pioneers of the Women's Soccer of the R.C.D.ESPANYOL, that demonstrated that the Soccer is not only thing of men, that a YOUTH, LADY, LADY, They only have to propose it wear the boots and the shirt and can defend the colors of the Club that they like and fight for these colors as they are demonstrating at present, since from very small they already run behind a Balon without caring what they can say to them, Thing that personally I applaud and I will always defend as our friend Mr, Don, JORDI ARTIGAS did.

In Cornella he is always remembered

In Cornella always remembered, a small sample of how we do the Pericos:

A detail of the sports newspaper As for the AVi:

A detail of the sports newspaper As for the AVi, which was the only one that remembered Mr, JORDI ARTIGAS, since other sports newspapers ignored it when dealing with of a PERICO WITH A GREAT HEART, now if instead of being Perico, its colors would have been the colors of the other team of Barcelona would have been agreed on all of Catalonia since for them there are only those that bear the name of the City.

Raffle of fields in the always remembered SARRIA:

Field draw in a match held in Sarria, many years ago since it was one of the first games of the beginning of the Women's team of ESPANYOL

One of the alignments

One of the alignments of the female team some years ago, it seems to me that it was in the year 2007, I am not sure, I will try to inform myself to be able to put it in detail, at the moment I leave it and as soon as I have the date I will put it, thanks and sorry that I can not do it well to the first but they are things that need a lot of patience and time to collect them. P.S. The women's team of RCDEspanyol 2016 = 2017, It is one of the formations that play, and they vary sometimes, according to the Coach believes it appropriate, = Cards = Injuries = Physical state = Opposite team Etc:

One of the alignments even in black and white

One of the alignments of the women's team many years ago, it seems to me that it was at the beginning that the Women of RCD.ESPANYOL was formed. to be able to put it in detail, at the moment I leave it and as soon as I have the date I will put it, of the first ones but they are things that need a lot of time to collect them.

In the Year 2006, the League and the Cup:

In the Year 2006, the women's team of R.C.D.Espanyol won the League and the Cup, THE CHAMPIONS.

The 2016 season = 2017

The entire squad of the 2016 = 2017 season of the Women's Team A of R.C.D.Espanyol:

The departure of the afternoons

Mr. Jordi Artigas: D.E.P with his classmates playing the card game in the afternoons and watching them do the picture:

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