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This is the page of Toni 2

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   Brief Description of the Espanyol
   The Team of 1903
   The Team of 1904
   The First Blue and Whites colors
   The Inauguration of Sarria in 1923
   Don. Richard Zamora
   Oxygen Equipment of the
   All Five dolphins
   The Current team
   The Field of Grassot
   The Hospital Clinical the field of
   The Field of Marine street
   The Field of Fabes
   The Field of Sarria "Can Rabia"
   Montjuic The stadium in
   The Field Cornella on El Prat "Sanctuary"
   The Cup of the 1929
   The Cup of the 1940
   The Cup of the 2000
   The Cup of the 2006
   1987-88 The Uefa
   In 2006-07 The UEFA
   The Official mascot
   The Eternal Captain 21 Dani Jarque
   The Official website of R.C.D.Espanyol
   The person in charge of these pages

The R.C.D.Espanyol team
The team of our loves

This season we started well
we'll see how it ends

Players who play well
only that you have to put more youth.

And the main thing to give them confidence, and throw out the oldest.


They just opened the pages of a Pericu of all life in which something will go over well above Espanyol, then, in the end be able to link with the official page of the RCDEspanyol de Barcelona, where you will have everything on the of my team loves, and I hope that yours.

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